You ARE more beautiful than you think

I know we focus more on women’s self esteem issues even though male body dysmorphia is growing rapidly.

Sadly, no-one seems to have done this for men yet, but Dove, as a women’s brand, has built their communications premise on the beauty of real women.

Now they have hired as FBI forensic artist to compare facial sketches baed on wht the woman thinks of herself and what a stranger does. The comparison is quite something.

You ARE more beautiful than you think: Dove uses an FBI-trained forensic artist to prove that women judge their appearance more harshly than strangers | Mail Online.

A while ago I participated in something called the I’m Perfect Project run by Quintin Mills, a fantastic photographer. It was life-changing and affirming.

You can read about my experiences on stripping off my armor here:

The I’m Perfect Project

Imperfect or I’m Perfect

Sometimes we need to be a little bit kinder to ourselves and let our beauty shine through.

Especially when after popping out a small army our bodies don’t magically revert (like a celeb’s) to eighteen year old




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  1. One thing I have learned over the years is just how to dress your body and that under things are key to defining a shape as well as putting things in their proper places. Great Post – Happy Thursday:)

  2. Oh my word, what a wonderful project! And it is so true. I once watched one of these reality TV things where they dress up someone, and they made these women pick someone from a line up that they thought were closest to their body weight. All the women picked someone a couple of pounds heavier than them.
    To accepting who we are and see th beautiful in ourselves!

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