The Hungry T-Rex by James

Once upon a time
A T-Rex went out to dine
“Mmm,” he said, “I’m think that maybe
“I’ll have a juicy dinosaur baby.”
He ate it up and cleaned his plate
“That was awesome, that was great!”
On Monday he had an empty tummy
He thought, “I need something yummy!”
He gave a might T-Rex roar
And ate up every dinosaur!

The next time he went out to eat
He couldn’t find a single piece of meat
So the big old nasty greedy guts
Had to live on fruit and nuts!
Soon, the T-Rex had quite enough
Of noshing on veggies, nuts and stuff
He yelled, “I’m going into space
To find another eating place!”

He travelled far, he travelled wide
Across the universe’s great divide
He ate up everything he could find
Leaving nothing at all behind
But when he ate up little Pluto
His tummy began to grow and grow
It blew up like a big balloon
Into the size of a big full moon
And POP he went and off he blew
In between the stars he flew
If look up into the sky
You may see T-Rex fly by

That’s what happens when you’re rude
And stuff yourself with too much food

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