The Birth of Africa

Aimlessly clicking through the documents saved on my hard drive, I found this little story slash poem. Apparently I have a thing about rainbows. Who knew.

African Rainbow by Pamela Schiermeyer

African Rainbow by Pamela Schiermeyer

When I was a small boy I sat at my father’s knee and he told me the tales of Africa came to be.

And I asked, “Baba, will you tell me of the rainbow and the colours in the air?”

And he told me this story as I sat by his chair


Sometimes as a child becomes a man

The rain washes the colour right out of the land

So it happened in the land that I call home

That the colours disappeared and I was left alone


So I prayed to Africa, the great mother of us all

To send to me all those who could hear my call

The mighty black eagle flew up to the sun in the sky

And brought back to the earth the red flame of her fire


The king of all lions roared deep in his breast

And gave as gift the ochre orange of his breath

The men tunnelled deep into the belly of the earth

To bring the yellow of the gold of Africa’s birth


The song travelled on the wings of the wind’s ebb and flow

And brought the seeds of green in my garden to grow

The fish in the rivers and the dolphins on the sea

Brought back the blue heart of the ocean to me


In the deep of the night the moon shone down

And gave a deep indigo jewel from her crown

The birds sang a harmony strong and true

And a pure violet flower grew and grew


Then right into my line of sight

A rainbow formed out of shimmering light

She appears in the sky right after the rain

Bringing us our hopes and dreams again


And that, my child, my father said to me

Is the magic of Africa alive in you and me

Imagine a land where stories are born

In the light of a fire bright and warm


As the tales are told they come to be

In place filled with beauty and rare mystery

Where there are birds so big they cannot fly

And giraffes so tall they touch the sky


Where gold lies hidden deep in the earth

And songs are more wealth than money is worth

Where oceans meet in a clash of thunder

And the rain is brought by a Queen of wonder


Where the city streets beat to a rhythm as old as time

Creating a future, a land in her prime

A land that lies waiting for you to fly

And join her in an endless African sky


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