Say Cheese Shoot

Blindfolded and giggling…
That was how the day started as we collected Lexi’s Best Friend Forever for a professional photoshoot with Vanessa Lewis at Nina Say Cheese.
As birthday surprises went it took the cake. 

Suddenly, these gorgeous scruffy tomboys morphed into little ladies. 
Although the shoes didn’t last long and nothing could hide that glint in their eyes. 

 I felt like an oracle getting a small glimpse of what Lexi will look like at eighteen.

After a bit of a stiff start the girls relaxed into having fun and being the center of attention. The balloon was irresistible. As balloons are.

One thought on “Say Cheese Shoot

  1. These are amazing! Those props are insane, the girls must have LOVED this! Just had a look at their website—it’s South African, double yay!

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