Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Whatever.

Whatever happened to ZeeBee? Zip it in a Zeebee?

It’s all very well going on about saving the world and so on, but since the municipal garbage people are on strike for more money I am drowning in rubbish. I can’t drive anywhere so I can’t take my recycling to the dump. Which by the way is a disgusting experience and I have no confidence whatsoever that anything there actually gets recycled. My kitchen is taken over with dustbins for everything under the bloody sun and there is no room for anything else.

It turns out that if you are lucky enough to live in Westdene or Melville, some enterprising little person gives you one extra bin for all your recyclables and takes them away and sorts the for you. Yippee. So, I got online and have discovered that even in Buccleuch, the neighbourhood time forgot, you can get your recycling taken away. I am signing up immediately.

What is means is that I only need 2 bins instead on 4, but that I now have to remember that Fridays is for general garbage, Tuesdays is for paper and whatever other day is for recycling. I’ll be hauling stuff up the driveway every bloody morning.

Whole Earth ( charges you R500 for a new bin and R80 a month to pick up your stuff. You just have to get up early enough to put in the driveway before 07:30. Mama Shes ( is slightly cheaper – you don’t have to buy a bin, they give you special bin bags, you pay R100 to register and then R45 a month afterwards.

It’s easy to the save the world when I can pay someone else to make it easy for me. Should I feel terrible about it? No. It’s created a wonderful opportunity for someone to make a fortune and saves me a lot of time, trouble and child-induced guilt.

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