Mums and Dads

I had one of those illuminating discussions with my 5-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son this afternoon.
The topic – What do mums and dads do?


       1.     Mums go to work
       2.     Mums take kids to school
       3.     Mums help clean the house
       4.     Mums put on movies for kids
       5.     Mums read stories
       6.     Mums give good cuddles
       7.     Mums help when you get hurt
       8.     Mums take you to the doctor
       9.     Mums make hot chocolate
       10.  Mums make ponytails for little girls
       11.  Mums put on makeup
       12.  Mums make kids have baths
       13.  Mums buy stuff for you
       14.  Mums take care of people who are scared
       15.  Mums are nice and not mean
       16.  Mums can kill monsters and trap bad guys
1.     Dads build Wendy houses for their daughters
2.     Dads fix cars
3.     Dads go to Builders Warehouse
4.     Dads buys tattoos
5.     Dads make swings
6.     Dads fix stuff
7.     Dads hold you upside down and tickle you
8.     Dads play with you
9.     Dads help you with homework
10.  Dads go to work
11.  Dads help you with computer games and the Wii
12.  Dads buy stuff for you on your birthday
13.  Dads take you sailing
14.  Dads ride bikes with you
15.  Dads make ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce
16.  Dads make midnight snacks
Dads sound like way more fun than Mums.

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