Luke’s Book of Dolch Sight Words

This was put together to help Small boy aged 7 to learn his Dolch sight words. 
He was struggling to read them out of context.
This is my friend.

He has come to play with me. 
We like to play ball with his dog.

His dog can run fast.



The dog saw my cat.  
The dog barked. 
The cat heard the dog bark.

The dog ran after the cat. 

The cat ran up a big tree.

I said, “No! You must not chase my cat!”

What a bad dog!

The dog went away.

How can we help the cat come down?

What are we going to do?

This is my mother.

This is my little sister.

She is a good girl.

This is my big brother.

They will help me find the cat.

We went up the hill.

“Look up,” said my mother.

We looked up into the tree.

The cat was hiding in the tree.

I said, “I can not see the cat.”

We went on looking.

It was time to go home.

At home we found the cat.

She made it back before us.

We got home after her. 
“Here she is,” said my friend.

Some more words…

Is this a boy or a girl?

He is a boy.

What has he got?

He has got an apple.

What are you playing?

We are playing hide and seek.

What has my mother made?

She has made a cake.

Have you helped your mother?

Yes, I helped her make more cake.

Did you give your friend some cake?

Yes, I gave him some cake.

Have you had more cake?

Yes, just one more slice.

Who does this ball belong to?

It belongs to him.

Where are you going?

We are going away on holiday?

Where have you been?

I have been to see my mother.

Can you hear the rain?

Yes, I can hear it.

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