Lexi and Clare’s Story

The Fairy’s house in the lavender
Once upon a time there were two little fairies. They lived at the bottom of a garden in a little house in a big lavender bush. The two fairies were the very best friends and they did everything together.
Clare Bell
Lexi Bell
The pink fairy’s name was Lexi Bell and the blue fairy’s name was Clare Bell. 
Their job was to look after all the garden and make the flowers bloom. It was a very special job and the Queen of the Fairies had given it to them herself.
Every Spring the fairies had to wake up the seeds and the plants that had slept through the Winter. It was very hard to get them to wake up. So, the fairies would sing a beautiful song about the spring and one by one the plants in the garden would wake up and smile.    
The song went like this:
Wake up little flowers
Shake dreams from your head
The spring has arrived
So rise from your bed
As they sang their song, the fairies would dance through the garden sprinkling fairy dust over all the flowers. As the sun shone through their wings little rainbows would shimmer all around them.
The garden burst to life. The bees began buzzing. The birds began singing. Everywhere flowers began to bloom. All but one. 
A butterfly came and told Clare Bell that one little flower refused to get out of bed. 
Clare Bell and Lexi Bell tried everything they could think of. They sang, they danced, they sprinkled fairy dust, but the flower would not wake up.
“Oh dear,” said Clare Bell, “What if she doesn’t wake up before the Queen gets here?”
Lexi Bell frowned, “We must find out why the flower won’t wake. Maybe there is something wrong?”
“Maybe she is just lazy?” suggested Clara Bell.
Lexi Bell laughed, “Maybe she is having such a nice dream, she doesn’t want to wake up?”
“How can we find out?” asked Clara Bell.
“I can help,” said a little voice.
The fairies looked down and saw a little red ladybird.
“Do you know why she won’t wake up?” asked Clare Bell.
“She is sad,” said the ladybird, “She misses the children who used to play in the garden.”
“Where are the children?” asked Lexi Bell.
“I know,” said Clare Bell sadly, “They are inside the house. They don’t play out here anymore.”
“But why not?” said Lexi Bell, “The garden is full of magic. There are places to hide and new things to discover everywhere. Why don’t they play here?”
“They have computer games and TV. They’ve forgotten us,” said the yellow dog.
“Well,” said Lexi Bell, “We shall have to make them remember!”
“I know how we can do that!” said ClareBell winking.
The fairies spoke to all the birds, bees, ladybirds, dragonflies and all the creatures in the garden. Together they made a plan to bring the children back to the garden.
As the children lay sleeping, the fairies wove their magic into their dreams, planting seeds that would blossom when the children woke. 
In the morning the children heard the birds singing and their hearts filled with joy. The flowers sent their sweet scent into their rooms with the promise of sunshine and fresh mown grass. 
That afternoon instead of going inside to watch TV, the children came into the garden. The yellow dog barked and wagged his tail and the children laughed and threw his ball. They forgot all about going inside. They climbed up in the old tree house and swung on the branches. They danced around trying to catch the pretty butterflies.
The sound of their laughter found its way to the flower who lay sleeping. 
As the fairies watched, the flower opened her eyes and unfurled her petals. She stretched and yawned and smiled. 
At last the whole garden was awake.
The Fairy Queen
When the Fairy Queen came to see the garden she was amazed at how beautiful it was.  
“How did you get the colours so bright?” she asked, “I have never seen the garden look so alive.”
Clare Bell and Lexi Bell laughed, “With a little bit of magic and a lot of laughter.”

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