Friday Fictioneers – The Road

Copyright Indira Mukherjee

Copyright Indira Mukherjee

The road is a river leading to the sea – endless, writhing with anticipation.

It can meander gently through the countryside like a great snake bloated on prey.

It can whip over mountains and down hillsides in a fine mist of silken spray.

But it never stops. It never rests.

There are those who fight the current swimming upstream inevitably to fail and fall back.

There are those who like ducks, float placidly along.

Others are driven by desperation reeking of their fear of drowning.

Some will sink.

Some will swim.

Such is life.


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  1. I love that you were inspired to write based on your impression of the picture rather than try to tell the story of the picture as I (and most) are wont to do. I do so enjoy your writing, and look forward to reading it when I can.

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