Friday Fictioneers – The Elegitibra

Copyright EL Appleby

Copyright EL Appleby

I have the trunk of an elephant

To scratch my back when it itches

And the stripes of a stately zebra

On the back of my furry britches

I have the stripes of a tiger

As never seen in the wide savannah

And the neck of a gentle giraffe

To reach the highest banana

You may laugh at me when you look

But I beg you sir, look closer

It would be to your detriment

To write me off as a poser

For who can reach as far below

Or as high in the trees as I?

Who can fight like a tiger

Or give you a kick in the eye?

A note

Yes I cheated a little. I wrote a poem. He just looked like he would speak in rhyme.

Don’t judge me!

Link to Friday Fictioneers over here and give it a try.

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Get going.

0 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Elegitibra

  1. Victoria poetry is definitely not strange from Fictioneers. i thought it was cute and very appropriate as this creature has so many pieces that comprise the whole.

  2. Never apologize for writing something clever, darling. This reminded me of a storybook I had as a young girl growing up in Bichon-Frisse. My papa would make some of his famous Jell-o and read me stories of mythical creatures whilst my mother give me a mani/pedi.

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