Friday Fictioneers – Caller

Copyright Danny Bowman

Copyright Danny Bowman

There are whispers here.

Listen carefully and you can catch the odd word or phrase on the wind.

Echoes of long distance love affairs, romance and connections.

“I love you”.

“I miss you”.

“See you soon.”

Amid these swirls a darker sort of those who lost their way calling for help that will never come.

“I need you.”

“Please find me.”

“Something’s gone wrong.”




They don’t use these anymore.

There is no-one left to pick up.

Just the echoes and the dust and long forgotten conversations.


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    • Thanks Ndlovu.

      African people regard the elephant with a very deep reverence. The Zulu, Tswana and Tsonga names for the elephant all mean ‘the forceful one’, ‘the unstoppable one’.

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