Dry Run Blues

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Wish I had a Zanor in my pocket on standby
On the list of popular people I am way down low
Cause there ain’t no way they’ll make me wear yellow
There’s a flock of little butterflies swarming in my tum
Thank god the kids are being fetched by my mum

My CD is working on a top secret mission
Putting me in the unenviable position
Of sitting through an interminable dry run
Not exactly my idea of having loads of fun
I’m tired, irascible and starving to death
But I’ll be here til I draw my last breath

Some slick client service serpent
Will need to repent and repent
For throwing a frothy I really resent
With threats of imminent unemployment
He’ll paying for it don’t fret
Like an elephant, I never forget

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