Daddy and the Bear

Every morning in Mummy and Daddy’s bed

Daddy’s gone, and there’s a bear instead

A great, big, angry, grizzly bear!

Where did he come from?

How did he get there?

Under the covers he grizzles and growls


If you make a noise then that grizzly bear howls
And if you get too close he’ll pounce out of the bed
If you’re not careful, he’ll bite off your head!


Then Mummy makes coffee all steaming and hot
And leaves it by the bed in a big coffee pot


Sooner or later Daddy comes down the stairs

With a big happy smile and a cheery air

I went up and checked and the bear’s disappeared
Where does he go to when my Daddy is here?


I poked him this morning, so I know he’s not dead
Maybe he’s hiding under the bed?

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