BizarroWord – A Jenn Initiative

Find And Replace like Reply To All can be a blessing and (more often) a curse. Perhaps a similar thing was the reason Shakespeare created so many new words in the English language. Perhaps it had more to do with bad spelling than dramatic flair?

bizarroJenn, from That’s a Jenn Story, invited me and anyone else who’d like to have a go to decipher her Found and Replaced words, discover a new meaning for each and then apply them in an example.

Come on, head on over and give it a bash!

Corrected Original Definition Usage
exodthem  exodus (vulgar) ex-sod-emAn expletive used to express irritation at a group of people. If they can take a joke exsodem all!
bettheyen  between (noun) beth-ey-enBased on the Hebrew for house meaning a 1950s type wife and homemaker who always has a cold beer for her man, warms his slippers etc. A good bettheyen never questions her husband’s actions. She knows he is the master of the house and she has no right to question him.
conclthemion  conclusion (collective noun) Con-cla-th-em-e-onA term describing small children’s inate ability to sense when their mother is on the loo and annoy the hell out of her one by one and then en masse. I was locked in the loo happily reading Vanity Fair when my kids formed a conclthemion one at each window and one at the door going “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”
constitthemion  constitution? (noun) cons-tit-hem-ionThat awkward moment when the hottest man in the world comes over to talk to you and you sit and gulp like a goldfish before stuttering out some platitude wondering where the hell your brain, personality and pride just went. Johnny Depp came over to say hello to me. I think I swallowed my tongue. I was utterly useless. It was a total constitthemion.
ththem  thus (Collective pronoun) th-th-emUsed to deflect blame from oneself to an imaginary group of others It wasn’t me. I promise. It was… it was… ththem! You now the slimy green slugtapusses that live in the fish pond? Ththem.
theyre (without the apostrophe) were (noun) the-ireA term referring to a type of parental rage likely to end in the tears of one or other party Mom went completely theyre and made my brothers get out of the car and walk home!
theme (when it wasn’t meant to say theme) and, my personal favourite: use Th-ee-meBased on the classic Little Shop of Horrors, a term heard often by the mothers of small boys with boundless appetite and wearing retainers. Theme! Theme! I’m starving! I haven’t eaten in forever!
themurp usurp (noun) th-em-urpThe sound made by a sleeping man drooling happily in to the pillow while snoring like a steam engine when receiving an elbow in the ribs by an irate and sleep deprived wife. “Themurp! Wassat! S’a’burglar?”

0 thoughts on “BizarroWord – A Jenn Initiative

  1. That was fantastic! Thanks so much for playing! (And wow. Charts, even.)

    You’re right about “constitution?” Although my spelling is usually impeccable, I therefore never use spellcheck, so obviously in my “clu”-addled state I first spelled the word wrong and then further messed it up with find-and-replace. Or something. I have no idea, really.

  2. Reblogged this on That's a Jenn Story and commented:
    A Saturday Snippet

    Drumroll, please . . .

    So, it turned out to be good that only three people played

    BizarroWordbecause it was really time-consuming to score! Bas’ entry looked promising with some hilarious definitions, particularly for exodthem and conclthemion. (I kind of resonate with his version of conclthemion. I can only wish I had finally arrived at that point. Still coughing. And waiting.) But there were a couple of words that went undeciphered . . .

    JT scored extra points (what? it’s my game!) for making me literally lol with Bettheyen–and citing Trees in the Pavement in his definition. Also, he was the first person to point out my original misspelling of constitution (constitusion?!) which contributed to the BizarroWord. You would think I would deduct points for someone’s pointing my failing, but no. He deserved extra points for that one. But he left some of his words without illustrating sentences . . .

    And then, new to The Readership, onto the scene burst The Blurred Line! (Can blurs burst? I don’t know. Don’t argue.) Anyway. I think it’s safe to say she cleaned up. Here are her entries.
    Victoria–message me at so we can arrange your prize. I don’t think I thought through international entries very well . . . but you shall be rewarded. You shall . . .

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